29 Jul 2016


Hello to my latest collaboration, Monikh x Abercrombie & Finch!

When was the last time you walked into the dark mysterious entrance of shirtless 20 something male models, in low slung loose jeans, waiting to entice you into the world of preppy striped shirts, navy hoodies and simple logo embossed flip flops? Mine was around 4 years ago during my girls trip to Vegas, where my friends ran around like crazy women grabbing all the tracksuits they could.

Now, 4 years on, the brand has evolved to more than the basics (although how can we fault their basic t's?!) Their shirts have become iconic, the jeans are now playful with a wide range of fits an finishes, and the accessories cater to that fashion forward women wanting that all American vibe.

When choosing what to wear for this particular shoot, I knew it had to be one of their classics, the white shirt, however of course I wanted to put my own spin on it. Playing around with different ways to wear your simple shirts is the future I think. And by that I don't mean that super literally, I just mean that fashion is meant to be fun, a way to express your creativity and personality, and to support a particular fashion news writer who has just covered this theme centred around my last shirt tying antics, 'it might earn you a couple of sideways glances, but you can rest assured that those giving you them don't understand fashion.' 

So back to front my white shirt has gone, with a simple tie at the back. In this I went to a medium, (I would normally go for a small), but if you're going for the alternative ways to wear it I would always go up a couple, I could of done with a large I think!

Jeans wise, these are incredible! The Cropped Stovepipe Jeans; ankle grazing, wide dark denim, with that on trend frayed edge. Note that I actually also turned these up (I'm uber short at 5'1, so others taller wont need to), also bare in mind that they do come up big, so I would recommend going down one size.

ph. Anna Sandul

Having touched on their accessories earlier, they are great at those subtle girl next door additions; simple scarfs, classic leather bags. I chose to keep to my usual everyday bag but accessorized with Abercrombie's printed vintage bandana. I've seen so many girls on Pinterest doing this, a simple little trick but oh so effective. I also love it when its simply linked around a belt loop, or if its long enough, used as a belt looks sooooo good!

Other additions I have but aren't pictured; the plain navy flips flops. HEAVEN! Thin enough to slide into your handbag when on a night out! Also the Baggu Carryon Pouch is a chic (and safe) way to keep your make up contained and away from the suede interiors of your bag... That bag is my baby.



27 Jul 2016


All hail the new in section for every single fashion website out there! But nothing, brings the same amount of joy scrolling through at 7am every morning like Farfetch. The best of the best, pieces that are oh so next season, the pieces you'll be lusting after for months to come, and they have it all stocked in one place.

After making my most recent purchase, (I'll be showcasing it soon!) I received a discount code for all you beauties out there to receive £30 off your next purchase! All you have to do is write my name; Monikh Dale in the discount box as you head to check out. Simple. Enjoy.

25 Jul 2016


How many years has it been since you flaunted around in any type of animal print? For me its been a couple of years, I remember having one in my Personal Shopping days, and before that it was when I was at college, where I had a low v cut leopard print dress, which was complimented by the ridiculous chicken fillets I used to stuff my bra with.

Since the Spice Girls landed on every Smash Hits magazine 20 years ago, Scary Spice single handily made animal print a thing for kids of the 90's. But as fashion has it, trends then go out of fashion again, until they are once reinvented by the talented designers showcasing their designs in London, Milan, New York, which are then supported by those uber cool it girls who we all want to be. With that being said, it looks like those prints are making their way back in after that situation was repeated this season.

Together, Wallis and I have decided to take on the tiger print in the form of this chiffon maxi dress to show you just how workable the print is. As you know from the way I have styled other pieces, I love to wear buttoned up maxi dresses more as jackets, I think it makes it look fresher and it is more wearable as you can layer with jeans like I have here. Additionally this outfit would look great with pumps for a casual edge, or completely undone with a bikini layered beneath on the beach -- something that I will be doing next month!

I think this style also works because its a light airy material, and its in a warm and inviting tone. You don't want to run the risk of looking too harsh which is pretty easy when wearing animal prints. So keep it light, and reflect that in your make too.

I've also styled it with a couple of Wallis accessories; the rose gold disc earrings, small enough for the day, chic enough to make an impact. Also the large wooden-esq bracelet is very Wallis to me, its a bangle style they have always done and it feels kind of iconic to me.
Ph. Anna Sandul


23 Jul 2016


Dress - Topshop
Earrings - Zara

As you would have seen from my instagram and snapchat, my trip to Elounda, Greece has been absolutely incredible! This is mainly down to the most stunning resort who were looking after us during our stay, the Blue Palace Resort.

It started as soon as we landed, there was someone with a sign: Monikh Dale, waiting to take us in a luxurious car (with much needed air-con and drinks! God it was hot!) to the resort. With the journey being an hour long, this was heaven.

Cover up - Missguided
Tassel Bracelets - Marte Frisnes Jewellery
As you drive to Elounda, the scenery is breathtaking, tiny towns popped on the side of cliffs, boutique shops, restaurants amounts the ports, docked boats, the absolutely bluest sea I have ever seen. My excitement and gratitude for life was at its highest.

After a swift check in and tour around the beautiful grounds, we were taken to our suite which included our very own infinity pool on the balcony!!! Never have I ever stayed in such an amazing room, it really did completely shock both my boyfriend and I. So to celebrate, our friends who were also staying there (completely coincidentally! Freaky right!) came round, so we popped open a couple bottles of champagne and all jumped into the pool. HEAVEN.


Later that day we got the lift down to the beach, (thankfully the Blue Palace Resort cleverly have a lift to take you all the way down, and well to the layers in-between -- restaurants etc -- as the cliffs are so steep and high, in that heat the last thing you want to be doing is a hike!) Dolled up in all white; my new and absolute favourite bikini, the asos scallop edge halter top and matching pants. These come in a mix and match offer which was perfect for me as I'm lighter on top compared to my bottom. I then wrapped around my white Asos sarong with its tassel edge, Mango circle sandals, H&M oversized straw hat and lashings of tasseled bracelets and rose gold rings. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right! I finished it off with my square Celine sunnies and that french style netted bag. My boyfriend may have laughed, but I felt good.

Bikini Top - Asos
Sarong - Asos
Tassel Bracelets - Marte Frisnes Jewellery

The rest of the afternoon was filled with rosé (Whispering Angel to be specific) as we dotted from the sun loungers to the sea, to the pool, back to the wine.... There really wasn't a cloud in the sky, the sea was clear and warm, the air was dry with heat, and the staff were incredibly attentive. And with the option of charging everything back to the room, it was pretty dangerous!

Swimsuit - Reiss
M Necklace - Missoma
Tassel Bracelets - Marte Frisnes Jewellery
Shoes - Mango
White Clutch Bag - Whistles
Sunglasses - Celine

After a pretty long nap (too much traveling and rosé), myself and Caroline (my friend) met the boys who had been drinking in the main bar. Dressed in All Things Mochi, with my Topshop rope sandals, we huddled into a car (which is always organised by the hotel) and went to the main town for dinner at Vritomartes Taverna. The restaurant was set on the port side, amongst the fishes and boats, really such a beautiful scenery. I think when you're so close to the sea its rude not to indulge in various sea foods, so of course I went for the Lobster Linguine which was the best I have ever had by far.

The next day was all about relaxing, and I needed it! We had drank alot and ate alot and I just needed to bathe in the heat with salads and lots of iced water. We surprising woke up pretty early and headed to the buffet breakfast where I of course loaded up on my carbs. I cant say no to a pain au chocolat. We then headed to the beach and managed to get one of the duo sun-loungers right along the sea front. The entire day I just kept looking around and saying to my boyfriend how beautiful it was!

I should also mention the incredible boutiques in the resort! So not to worry if you forgot your favourite bikini, as I'm sure your'll fall in love with the ones there like I did! It was also the first time I had come across a designer called Christophe Sauvat, who I am now obsessing about (see instagram embroidered bag - amazing!)


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