28 Oct 2016


Already that time again.... So this weekly feature is making me feel like I shop a little too much, but I do have to remember that these pieces are staples, and well, they make me happy!

So this week my search for jeans continued! After purchasing a few new tops and jumpers, it was obvious by the look on my photographers face that my current jeans were a little tight for the new style of tops.... So enter, Whistles. Their jeans a complete dreams! Comfortable, soft, lowish waist, and loose! I've found recently with every other retailer that they now only do super high waisted, that 90's mom style, which is great to suck you in for a night out with a cute t-shirt tucked in, but on a normal everyday, I want to be able to breathe! At 5'1 I also find it difficult to wear those high waisted styles as they come up way too high on my torso, its a real struggle right....

So these boyfriend jeans are my complete star of the month, literally they will be saving every the morning dilemma. Plus they were on sale!

Also finally a simple black heel has landed online! These Topshop wonders at £29 are a no brainer.

24 Oct 2016


One of my favourite looks from Paris Fashion Week. Simple, comfy and chic (well maybe not the tshirt, its a little quirky but I really like it!)

I ended up wearing this look twice, once during the day like this, and then once for dinner and drinks at Hotél Costes. I just swapped the shoes for a gold chunky heel and the bag for a white Whistles clutch. FYI if you're heading over to Paris, you have to go to Costes! I went there everyday for PFW, sometimes twice a day (lunch and then headed back to the hotel to change, to see the same girls again for dinner.... Outfit priorities.)

This skirt is actually an old one from Topshop boutique. One of those staples that will sit in my wardrobe for most of the year, than make a surprise come back.

Have you noticed how logo tshirts are making a huge come back again? Thanks to the likes of Vetements, its now all about the uncool, the work tshirts, old school logos, anything that is normally worn by a delivery man is now the main goal!


21 Oct 2016


Another week gone, another panic for newness. This week I concentrated mostly on jeans.  I needed new jeans, ones that were comfortable and loose, yet not too baggy --- oh the drama. With the death of the skinny jean (thank god) its now all about the straight leg, but finding the right cut is so hard!

The two tone style from Asos are incredible! (Note I bought one size up!) This type of denim is the most sorted after for the season, made a must have by Vetements, these Asos dreams have the style witout the major price tag.

Another thing I was after this week was heels. I needed a new pair for a couple of events I have coming up on Saturday. Something that I could wear from midday for a birthday lunch to the evening for an engagement party. I actually ended up finding two pairs from Topshop! The heels are the perfect day to night height and they are both simple enough still to mix and match with other styles throughout this Winter --- Its pretty rare that i would wear a boot out in the evening, I normally keep them for the day!

I also needed a new chic coat to throw on top of the simple and almost casual jeans, heels combo. Enter, Reiss. You can always count on them to stick to effortless styles which ooze with class.

19 Oct 2016


The season has well and truly changed, and that fear of blending into the cold winter background has set in. So in order to be your very own ray of sunshine why not try pattern clashing?

Fist of all, pattern of the season; zebra. I want it. Need it. Will wear it. I've found a Topshop version which is one of the cheapest on the highstreet at £89. Its a super classic fit and would also look just as great with a pair of blue boyfriend jeans and a logo tshirt.

Also those zebra loafers are to die for! I totally missed them on the new in section, so no idea how long they've been alive for, but majorly kicking myself for already ordering two pairs of shoes from Topshop this morning and not these!

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