8 Jan 2017


So I'm getting real good wear out of that Topshop vinyl skirt, it goes with so much! I last wore it with that oversized chunky jumper from H&M Trend, but this time I wanted to show how chic it could look for going out in.

I love the combo of the boots with the skirt, I know sometimes double patent can be too much but this somehow works! The boots make the outfit look a little more expensive I think, as it all because about the shapes and textures. I did try wearing the skirt with other heels but it looked a little mutton dressed as lamb ---- stick to boots! Or if you did wanna do heels, make sure they're super simple.

Continuing the textures theme, the silk top is a new favourite, from H&M's Trend section again ---- their stuff is amazing! After falling in love with them again last summer, its been a strong relationship since.

I've bought a lot of tonal/texture things recently. My style has slightly changed recently, as in I've started investing in a couple of more quirky items that stand out more, but I cant forgot my basics!


3 Jan 2017


The first post of 2017!!!! And with the start of a new year, comes the wishes for the perfect new wardrobe. So to start off the looks of 2017, I am taking on the checked pencil skirt in my bid to make it more street chic and less head of year.

I picked this skirt because I had seen a couple of my style hero's recently rocking similar versions but in a simple casual way. It almost had a slight Vetements look to it, with the whole juxtaposition of styles and cuts.

So the skirts from Topshop, a fitted midi pencil skirt with centre split. Its a beautiful fit and the high split is what moves this on from workwear and opens up the options of casual/going out. The print is super wintery, a plus when braving the weather without tights --- thats for other people, I couldn't care less. But for the actual wearers of this trend, who want to take a little softer option, why not opt for the new denim maxi skirts. A friend of mine had wore one when we went to Paris Fashion Week last year and it looked so chic on her! Its been in my mind ever since, I just need to decide on which colour to get.

I love a logo t-shirt, and this is the perfect way to edge up that skirt. Plus a leather jacket on the shoulders this would be the perfect look for a casual dinner or drinks somewhere. However wanting to make it even more casual? Throw on an oversized jumper, using a little styling trick of tucking in the front part --- it will help with the proportions!

Last but not least. The shoes. Gucci. Snakes. Fur. Absolute heaven! I get so many odd looks, specially in the cool London weather. But they have fur in them, it makes total sense right.... 


27 Dec 2016


Suits are always a good idea, on men and women. They can look uber sexy, in that androgynous, laid back way. I also think that sometimes it's a lot cooler to move away from the obvious and shock in a effortless pair of tailored trousers and sassy heels.

Those pink metallic heels are my latest shoe purchase, a pair that are completely not me but I love them! Also imagine them with a pair of cut off loose jeans and chunky knitted jumper ---- HEAVEN. Plus they are exactly the same as the £530 Gucci babies. These ones at £46 are a complete no brainer.

That Gucci t-shirt needs no intro, as its the new 'it' t-shirt of the moment. Its a pretty pricey one, but one that you will hopefully be able to keep forever. The iconic top will also be the perfect top for an anytime, anywhere look.

24 Dec 2016


I probably haven't worn tights since my school days.... over 10 years ago.... Anyways, after having to wear them everyday, with the endless pulling and holding, I seem to have blacklisted them, forever vetoing any and every winter skirt/dress look, unless I wanted to completely freeze to death. Buttttt I've had a change of heart, read on to see how I've made the style more grown up chic, and stayed away from the school girl drama.

So it all started with the vinyl black skirt, the must have item of aw16. I've seen it everywhere recently and decided to settle on the Topshop one. Note it is super short! It's one that if you did want to wear without tights it would be strictly night-time (on my body-type anyways). If you did want to make it more of a day look you could always go up a size, so that it would then sit lower on the hips.

To get around this I strangely added a pair of 80 denier tights to my basket... Anyways, with the skirt, I loved it! It kind of made my legs look longer, which is a miracle, and they were super comfy. Looking at the rest of the look, I wanted to keep it all super minimal so went for an all black look with the H&M chunky jumper.

Jumpers and skirts are one of my favourite combos, it can look incredibly chic and expensive, plus the proportions can be extremely flattering.

Adding more textures to the look (which is a great styling tip when in a all tonal look), I popped on those KG beauties again. Yes They will be in a couple more posts, I wear them all the time!

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