31 May 2016


Top - Ellery
Jacket - Missguided
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Reiss

How amazing does that Ellery top make everything look?! Paired with all other hight-street pieces, that mix of high-street and high end is shown perfectly here (in my opinion), and can be a super powerful tool to use. 

I love when people ask me where items I'm wearing are from and I can say 'Net-a-porter' but then also say something is from Missguided or Topshop. It shows that you know how to shop, you can tell the difference between classic long lasting investments and super quick trend pieces.

With that talk of vast price differences being said, yes the tops Ellery and a little on the pricey side but to soften that purse pain; the jacket is only £35 from Missguided! That camouflage print has been out for a while now, but by combining it with the clean yet playful whites its the perfect way to rekindle that love for the jacket which maybe still be in last years wardrobe.

I noticed that the Missguided one is left in only one size, so heres the Topshop alternative: SHOP

Ph. Anna Sandu
The jeans will forever be my favourite, the Topshop Straight cut, and they have an amazing new pair out with a frayed edge which is a must! 

The shoes are also Topshop, and come in a couple of colours. If you're looking to be a little sneaky, Public Desire have a dupe at almost half the price. SHOP

And yes, the bag has finally changed. I've put down the Gucci in favour of this Reiss rope fan style, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it! I vaguely remember my Mum with a super similar bag years and year ago (theres a couple of things I've seen recently and have had to buy because they remind me of my Mum back in the day, things like that always mean a little more to me.)


25 May 2016


How boho is this?! And I love it! Welcome to the new Summer Collection 'Feels Like Summer' by Dorothy Perkins. Full of fresh whites, light lace and cotton, and hints of playful embroidery, this collection ticks all the boxes for a full SS16 wardrobe, and there's still more to land.

As we got closer to that much needed Summer sun, you may have noticed my style has began to evolve a little. Being a minimalist at heart (and I always will be), I have now began to explore other styles, adding a little more colour, playing with more textures and silhouettes, while still trying to keep it me.

So when hunting through the Dorothy Perkins site the other day, I kept coming back to this one pleated skirt which I just couldn't get to out of my head. I've seen this style pop up recently in various shops and wondered if I could incorporate it into my style.

Yes its brings that more boho vibe to my look, especially when paired with those incredible and colourful embroidered sandals, but I think because of the blocked white and navy combo it still has that element of simpleness. Its also incredibly freeing! The fabric is gorgeous, and its definitely a chameleon tool to use with other styled tops which would completely change the vibe of the outfit. NOTE: Buy true to size in this.

Paired it with the white tie up jacket, worn as a top of course and two sizes bigger than I normally am. I sometimes think that is the key to make things look more expensive; going up a size is the key. With this top its something I could wear all the time, and I did actually firstly pair the top with these amazing jeans: the new Dorothy Perkins Straight Leg. Uber flattering, comfortable, and at only £20.80 they an absolute steal! This made the outfit look a lot more 'me', well an easy everyday me, but I really wanted to test the skirt for this particular look and I'm glad I did (still keeping the jeans though - denim obsessed!)

Going back to the evolving style talk, you must have noticed my new obsession on anything embroidered, so when I came across these colourful sandals I knew they'd cool my fix. They also look great with the Straight Leg Jeans and a simple white T.

Ph. Anna Sandul
Keep your eyes pealed for more Dorothy Perkins dropping on my instagram soon, I'm waiting on an incredible flower embroidered khaki jacket, its stunning!


18 May 2016


Top - Boohoo / Alternative - Ellery
Trousers - Zara / Alternative - Ellery
Bag - Gucci
Shoes - Topshop
A mix of labels and price tags, the ideal outfit. Have you ever noticed how one expensive item can make the whole outfit look a hundred times more expensive: welcome THE Gucci bag. My newest edition and my absolute pride and joy! This bag has featured non stop on my instagram since it was delivered last week, I just can't stop from sliding it in the frame, its so pretty!

With that being said, the rest of the outfit is all high street, and its super interesting to see how people just assume the rest is designer once they've locked eyes with the Gucci. One girl (who works for a high end online retailer) almost fainted when I told her this top was £15 from Boohoo and not actually Ellery which normally retails at around £500+.

The trick is as I say to shop smart, and at the moment there are such stunning timeless pieces at the fraction of the cost (to what people will think if you style it right!)

Also another trick is to dress it down, effortless relaxed girls always look the chicest, so you don't want to be struggling in your heels at an event, sometimes if you can get away with it its a lot cooler to go with flats like I did last week for the Taylor Morris event at Hyde Park. They're these stunning rope wrap arounds from Topshop but scream Isabel Marant. Yes the ropes a little painful the first couple of times, but they're worth a couple of plasters I promise.


14 May 2016


Grey T-shirt - Frame / Alternative - Topshop
Bomber Jacket - Marc Jacobs / Alternative - Missguided
Mules - Fendi / Alternative - Kurt Geiger
Striped Dress - Missoni / Alternative - Mango
Red Dress - March11 / Alternative - Asos
Blue Top - Ellery / Alternative - Topshop
Knotted Sandals - No. 21 / Alternative - Topshop
Beige Bag - Gucci / Alternative - Mango
Jeans - Golden Goose / Alternative - Topshop
White T-shirt - James Perse / Alternative - Topshop
Skirt - Isabel Marant - Alternative - Asos
Bikini - Missoni / Alternative - Topshop
As you may have heard me say once or twice, I'm going to Madrid at the end of the month for a little weekend away, so I've started thinking about what I'm going to pack and it reminded me of the hundreds of holiday wardrobe makeovers while at Topshop Personal Shopping.

The trick is to make sure everything can mix and match! And not to over pack!

Also you may have noticed how colourful it is, I think I'm going through a phase? But I love it! And its a peep into what I may have planned for my trip in a couple of weeks. For this collection the links are all below the picture for you to shop, your'll see that they are mainly investment pieces which I have personally started to collect, however you can go wrong with a pair of Topshop jeans so Ive added hughstreet versions as price friendly alternatives if you don't want to make such a huge commitment at this time.

Jeans! Its the easiest thing to wear, especially if you have a super early flight like I normally do, add a simple t-shirt, sassy flats (how stunning are those sandals!) Your statement handbag and then the jacket, I've found that the bomber jacket is key for this season, although a leather is classic, it may be a little too heavy for the weather and this style - Remember you want everything to match!

One day throw on a little boho style dress, this season they are everywhere! And when the suns out its great to get some colour in there. Plus the dress will feel super cool if your going somewhere warmer. The Isabel Marant skirt and t-shirts are also a great option for another day, grab the bomber jacket if its looking a little cloudy, Gucci bag with everything! Remember the jeans are also there if you want to be super casual or even to wear with the dress open as a jacket kimono style.

The off the shoulder style is a must, and this Ellery one is stunning, pair with jeans and these Fendi heels for a dressy casual vibe - (can also be worn with the flats for the day). Another evening option is the Missoni striped dress, Ive been searching a while for one like this and this one ticks all the boxes! Match with the Gucci and knotted flat sandals for a cool not too try hard look.

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